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9/11 Commission Report eBook!

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National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center (picture © Tinu -


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Mother Nature's Way - natural nutrition from Shaklee

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Welcome to TM

As we expand this Website to include news, articles, success stories, and information on the increasing choices for food services on and around college campuses, we will highlight those businesses that are bringing their businesses to you with innovative menus, methods of delivery (i.e. food carts, food trucks, and food kiosks), and competitive prices!

Food Truck Books - click here for Food Truck Books

California Cart Builder - a successful business started by a husband and wife wanting to get into the food cart business. Now they've expanded their family business into a very successful manufacturer of food carts, food trucks, and much more! Click here for the Yahoo! Finance video highlighting their accomplishments!  Link to California Cart Builder web site. Here's a link to their other mobile businesses line of carts for all types of businesses

Hurricane Sandy - NYC has help feeding folks around the city thanks to many food trucks showing up to help; Hoboken, NJ gets some help too from the food trucks!

Colleges are providing their own food services, mobile enteries, by bringing in their own food trucks

New rivalry on college campuses - bringing in their own food trucks!

A college student teaches a course on the food truck industry and the ins and outs of owning a food truck business (the regulations involved, the history of the food truck industry, etc.)
The "Culinary Cab" is a hit in the town of Erie, PA and the Mercyhurst University students and staff! The Culinary Cab food truck is owned and operated by Parkhurst Dining Services. They are the food service provider for Mercyhurst University.
Click here for an article on food trucks finding their niche on college campuses around the U.S.
Mobile Cuisine - the online resource for the mobile food industry,
Cleaning up Food Truck Trash - a  Portland company has a solution!
Mobile Food Menus - excellent article on how to plan, design, arrange, price, and the frequency of updating your menu; along with common mistakes made in food truck/food cart menus.

Start Your Own Food Truck Business    Food on Wheels How to start a home based Food Truck Business    Lunch Truck Food Wagon Start business plan example Food truck business plan    The Complete IDIOT's Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business Running a Food Truck for Dummies   The Food Truck Handbook Running a Food Truck for Dummies

Mobile Food Industry - is a Website that has its main focus on the mobile food business, and as they state on their site, " is the leading site for news, resources, information, opinions and insight about the mobile food industry, equipment, food product and the people who own and work in the mobile food industry."


Mike Conkey -

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Change Is Coming






Pure Leverage Internet Marketing Suite & Business Opportunity

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Pure Leverage
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Pure Leverage offers an Internet marketing tool set that any Internet marketing should have at their disposal, for a lot less than competing packages.

Leading autoresponder service
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Great lead capture system

Click on any of the banners below to learn more about Pure Leverage and its offerings, and the commission opportunities if those are of interest too!

Pure Leverage - business opportunity
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It's not all about the 100% Commissions!

The Pure Leverage tools suite that's great for anyone wanting to communicate with prospects & customers - offers:

  1. complete auto responder system (with perfect inbox deliverability)
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Books on Network Marketing Teams and more

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...our shopping Web sites where shoppers can connect to specials at, check the discounts at, Canon, USA Today, Adobe, Rand McNally, Sony, Symantec and many more online shopping sites. Looking for a new computer, smartphone, PDA, or netbook? Be sure to browse our shopping pages for products from online retailers you can trust! Pick up a holiday or special occasion gift today and Save $$

We are shopping 'intermediaries' focused on connecting our visitors with vendors around the Internet and local businesses. Yes, the ad is loaded with vendor/affiliate ads - that's the point of our site (i.e. we do not sell our own products; we are members of affiliate programs where we hope to earn a few cents thanks to your visiting a vendor's site).

Thanks for visiting, we hope we've connected you to great value!

Dollar Tree

Niche Websites

Popular Brands' Specials

Digital Storefront!

Shaklee 180

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Lifestyle - Food - Cooking News!

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Highlights of features for HootSuite Pro we think you'll appreciate 

30 Day Free Trial of HootSuite Pro*
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Site Build It! (SBI!) Testimonials & Case Studies

Get your bike & scooter commuting essentials here at!tm


How to Flip Houses presents information, resources, books and news on real estate flippingtm

Domain Buyers - click here to contact us regarding your interest in our domains for sale (individual & bundled opportunities)


Site Build It! (SBI!) Testimonials & Case Studies



Along with over 20,000 titles, the company offers dedicated apps for the iPhone, the iPad, and SmartPhones & tablets based on the Android operating system.

They reportedly have over 2.5 million users. Samples portions of the books are available to review before purchasing...

Flat World Knowledge

Flat World Knowledge's approach is also different in that their books are free online (students read the books online). Or, for a fee ranging in the $25 to $35 range the student can download or print the material (print-on-demand with various options).

And their books can be modified by professors/instructors to have the eTextbooks cooinside with their own course.Our books are open for instructors to modify and make their own (for their own course — not for anybody else's). Add to that their social learning network where readers learn from each other (which now number of 175,000).


Customers have the flexibility to read their eTextbooks via the iPad, Kno's Website, or via Facebook.

As Kno states on their Website, they offer over 60 features to aid in reading, studying, notetaking, and organizing...


Courseload's approach is different than its competitors in that it signs up universities where the arrangement is for Courseload to procure the digital versions of traditional textbooks. The cost of the e-textbooks is typically included in the student's class fees (with a savings compared to printed textbooks in the range of 70%).



Save today! Shop national & online brands' specials & more... USA, LLC

As you can tell from this web page and many others on our site, we have certain favorites when it comes to advertisers. The advertisers that you see on our pages are those retailers and/or online website companies that offer great value to our customers and theirs.

We belong to affiliate programs for the advertisers you see throughout our website and have an opportunity to earn referral fees/commissions should you find that the offers they present are of value and you decide to purchase from them.

National brands are the focus on this web page although the definition of "national brands" may not match exactly to your expectations, because the advertisers have a major web presence we feel they are definitely national brands. We only represent companies that offer reliable service and high quality products to their customers. In some cases like we have belonged to their affiliate programs for many years and continue to find excellent value in the products and services that they provide to our visitors and customers.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope our "intermediary" approach to presenting quality products from quality companies is of value to you and to others whom you may refer to our web site. 


YouTube Robot - quick & easy help in downloading your favorite YouTube postings - your website for math tutorial books and calculators!tm


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As stated in the SiteSell Promotion Center for affiliates, "There's no other affiliate program on the planet with the kind of proprietary technology, generous commissions, and OVER delivering products that SiteSell offers. Send potential new 5P affiliates to this URL to build your 2nd tier team and your commissions..." Absolutely a true statement!

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Want to swap your hardcover and paperback books for others? Here are several online book swapping sites that might be of interest:

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 ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 4 by Nuance

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 by Nuance

Personal Technology Enterprises, LLC a Affiliate - join us today!

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Click here to see some great videos made by successful business owners who have created their online presence using SBI! and LOVE IT!

SBI! Site Build It, building income through content, quickly, for small business


I Want to Buy That! - presenting very interesting items written up online and/or in national newspapers and magazines. Check 'em out, see what you think!tm

Registry Repair Wizard Offers Registry Repair Wizard, a handy tool to repair registry, optimize system performance, organize your system startup items and IE BHOs.



(To see all the specials, you may need to turn ad blocking off temporarily & Refresh the page)

Thinking of shopping online, via the retailers and online brands we are presenting here, or from any other online shopping site? Check out this tips Web site from the FTC:

They've got some .pdf files that you can download to learn more about online shopping - important tips on how to avoid "Phishing Schemes," "overpayment scams," and helpful guides in shopping on auction sites.

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Shop Rand McNally Travel Store

"I want to buy that!" - have you said that lately? Search the Web or our sites for that must have product or service!tm

Looking for a college food service, food trucks that visit your campus, or, seen something from a retailer, online brand, TV ad, or in the newspaper? Here's a search tool where you can search several of our Web sites, and the Web...

Thanks for visiting! We hope you find the brands, quality and savings you are looking for; thanks for "shopping online" with us and our advertisers!

Please visit us frequently to see our latest advertisers and the ever-expanding offerings we are adding weekly. We obviously aren't offering a product of our own - instead we prefer to be an "intermediary" or better yet, an "infomediary" for you and all the wonderful visitors to our family of Web sites. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Our approach is different than many Web sites we realize, presenting the advertisers via banner & "button" ads primarily. It gives us the quickest method of connecting you with their latest offerings, and many are automatically updated by the companies on their servers so you see their latest offers! Many change their specials weekly (if not sooner), and by clicking on their banner/button ad, you'll be brought to their main Web site and/or specific page, where you can view their wide range of products and perhaps the specific item you want.

TIP: As we find interest in a particular brand, or subject, we present the brand/subject in its own Web page. Be sure to check out the top left array of labeled buttons - when clicked they will take you to the special page we've created to focus on their brand (or topic). And, be sure to "refresh" your browser window whenever you visit our Sites - you'll be guaranteed to see all of our latest ads.

Note, some ad blocking software (like ones we use ourselves) will block many of the ad banners and buttons that we have deployed on our sites - you may want to temporarily turn the feature off & refresh your browser window to see the ads. or subject, we present the brand/subject in its own Web page. Be sure to check out the top left array of labeled buttons - when clicked they will take you to the special page we've created to focus on their brand (or topic). And, be sure to "refresh" your browser window whenever you visit our Sites - you'll be guaranteed to see all of our latest ads.

For our visitors who would like
real estate market information
in Connecticut
(see town list below), please
 visit our MLS listings search site today!

Ansonia * Beacon Falls * Bethel * Bridgeport * Bridgewater * Brookfield * Danbury * Darien * Derby * Easton * Fairfield * Greenwich * Kent * Monroe * New Canaan * New Fairfield * New Milford * Newtown * Norwalk * Oxford * Redding * Ridgefield * Seymour * Shelton * Sherman * Stamford * Stratford * Trumbull * Warren * Washington * Weston * Westport * Wilton *
(Our complete town list covers nearly all areas of Connecticut)

MLS Search - search for current listings in the towns above

Help for Homeowners facing foreclosure

Hotlines in Connecticut & National:

Community Action Committee of Danbury

Governor's Hotline

Homeownership Preservation Foundation

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America


Here's a great product for laptops & even desktops that don't have enough USB ports and at the same time wouldn't mind having a USB drive to carry pictures, documents, and more... AND allow for great expansion of ports all from one USB port on your computer!!

Product Description

RIDATA's fun, YEGO USB Drive is a unique, multi-function USB flash drive featuring two additional USB ports. This allows users to connect more USB devices and expand their computer's capabilities. The YEGO features true Plug & Play technology, is USB 2.0 compliant, transfers data up to 480Mbps and is powered via USB port. Bright, tie-style LED lights indicate usage status. A tie-style LED indicator shows usage status, assuring there is never any doubt as to which port is currently in use.




...more shopping, less hassle, greater savings!


At, we hope will help you learn more about your own Guardian Angeltm

Elder Care Assistance - your elder care intermediary helping point you to resources to help with your elderly care situationTM

Go Daddy Deal of the Week: 15% off your purchase of $40 or more! Offer expires 9/10/12.



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